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Alpina Tri Effect 2.0 Cycling Glasses

Alpina Tri Effect 2.0 Cycling Glasses

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Alpina Tri-Effect 2.0 Glasses - black matt / CeramiC Mirror Black + Orange + CeramiC Clear
The TRI-EFFECT 2.0 is one of the lightest glasses at Alpina. With it you have the choice between differently tinted lenses. They can be easily exchanged - so you have three glasses in one. The lenses all offer 100% UV protection. Rubberized nose pads and temple ends ensure a comfortable fit.

Ceramic Mirror lenses: shatterproof, 100% UV-A,-B,-C protection up to 400 nm, mirrored outside, hard-coated inside, absorbs infrared rays.

Ceramic Lenses: shatterproof, 100% UV-A-,-B-,-C-protection up to 400 nm, hard coated.

Changing Lens System: the perfect choice for every situation - with ALPINA's changing system: In strong sunlight, dark lenses are the first choice. It's cloudy, dim or there's a diffuse lighting atmosphere? Then the rule is: click orange-tinted lenses onto your glasses. And at night? Clearly transparent lenses! These absorb virtually no light, but like all ALPINA interchangeable lenses, offer comprehensive protection against UV radiation, wind, dust and insects. All interchangeable lenses can be stored together with the goggles in the supplied case.

Optimized Airflow: A strongly curved lens in combination with indirect airflow ensures draft-free and fog-free vision even during fast outdoor sports.

2 Comp Design: The combination of hard frame and soft material at the nose, forehead, temples and ears contact points improves fit and comfort.
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